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Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

posted by Toby | 4 years ago

After frequent e-mails from Scottish Power I finally took the plunge to have Smart Meters installed and this was carried out on November 14th. However, the Amey engineer was unable to commision the meters as he claimed the Scottish Power system was 'down'. I was left with a display unit but no instructions on what to do with it,

I was given a number to call in order to make a commissioning appointment and this I did as soon as the engineer had left. Several phone calls and online chats later, I am now informed that Scottish Power are no longer commissioning smart memters at customers' homes. However, they will have clocked up my installation in order to boost their smart meter statistics. 

I don't even know how to get my gas reading on the meter so am likely to be living with estimated bills well into the future. 

By agreeing to have smart meters installed I entered into a contract with Scottish Power but by virtue of them not completing the work I consider it that they have breached that contract. This is totally unethical behaviour by Scottish Power and something that needs to be addressed,  by Ofgem if necessary.

Are they any other customers wil similar experiences ?


posted by Davc | 4 years ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

So your IHD was not commissioned, but the meters are still able to send data to SP?  Or is it that no data could be transmitted due to a weak mobile phone signal?   Anyway, to read your meters manually , the electric meter displays its reading, and the gas meter must have a button pressed in order to display a reading.   The meters can work  well without the IHD so it may be that your system is already working correctly.

posted by Toby | 4 years ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

There is absolutely no problem with the mobile signal. The engineer was anything but helpful and didn't say whether or not the meters were sending signals to Scottish Power. He gave no instructions or advice on how to read them or how to monitor the usage. I just find Scottish Power's attitude aggresssive - until you agree to have the smart meters installed and then they couldn't care less. They have boosted their statistics in smart installation and that's all their are interested in.

posted by Northernman | 4 years ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

We had a smart meter installed December 2018 but on the day there was a problem woth 02's 3/4G network so consequently the meter wasn't commissioned on the day. I was advised by the engineer to leave the display unit in the outdoor meter box and call the helpline to reschedule a visit. With the display unit being outside I wouldn't need to be in when they called.

We're now at the second week in February and no visit has taken place and despite several on-line conversations with the customer support people, I am no nearer getting the problem sorted.

Today I received an email from Scottish Power saying they are still using estimated readings for my bill. Why?

To have read an earlier post now saying Scottish Power are no longer commissioning the units at people's houses, is this whole exercise a waste of time and resource?

posted by Davc | 4 years ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

Hi Northernman.  Is there confusion about what you are having commissioned? You need the real meter to dial up a mobile number and transmit data to SP. SP should definitely do this.  

What they may think you are chasing is making the IHD work, there are so many cases of bad IHD connection that some people have been told not to bother. The confusion arises because many call the IHD display the Smart Meter, which of course it is not.  

You definitely need to insist the engineers come back and set up the real meters correctly   

Meanwhile the meters will be measuring and you should read them and send in manual readings in the old fashioned way. 

posted by dpnic | 3 years ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned
Exactly the same situation as "Tony", since having the smart meters installed Scottish Power have totally ignored my many many requests to have them commissioned. I will be getting in touch with Ofgem as the installation of these so called smart meters is a complete sham.

posted by Isik | 3 years ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

I am experiencing the same problem, and no progress although I have been calling  Scottishh Power over a dozen times since October last year. I also made an official complaint about the issue. Alsolutely no good whatsoever. One of the most disastrous services that I have encountered in my life. 

posted by Toby | 3 years ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

I lodged a formal complaint with Scottish Power and eventually last month I had a call from their customer service department. They guided me through a few steps with the meters while they remotely commissioned them. It all now appears to be working although the signal to the display unit is not partiocularly strong. However, I use it only occasionally when I require my meter readings and on those occasions move the unit closer to the meters.

posted by lindyloo | 3 years ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned
the same thing has happend to me i had mine installed November now getting estimated bills so i wish now i had not had it fitted and changed company

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned
Hi Lindy. SP will eventually get round to helping, meanwhile please send in manual meter readings to prevent estimates. Your meter readings can be found on your display unit as well as on the meters.