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posted by grahb | 5 months ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned
Have you ever tried to get in touch with ScottishPower it’s like calling the queen no reply at all disgusting. Service

posted by Marko333 | 4 months ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

I have a similar problem whereby the electricity meter was commissioned but the gas meter wasn't in Feb 2019.  As a result Scottish Power send me an e-mail each time the bill is due to ask for the meter readings.  I rang them in May to ask why I needed to provide manual meter readings, and they weren't aware that the gas meter wasn't transmitting data.  I was advised that this would be sorted, and 10 weeks later I'm still waiting.  Rang them again today and I should receive an e-mail in 2 weeks advising what will be happening. It appears that Scottish Power haven't built into their system that if a smart meter isn't returning readings that this should be flagged up as an issue which needs to be sorted.

The IHD I have stopped talking to the meters after 2 weeks so I've unplugged it and I don't use it anymore.

I couldn't find anything on the Scottish Power web site on how to read the meters manually, and they were going to get a person to ring me to explain how to read the electricity meter.  As I would have to provide security info to a person I don't know ringing me to tell me how to press buttons, I asked them not to bother.

Gas Meter Manual Reading - Model UNIFLO G4SZV
The meter has three buttons in red marked A, B and C.
Pressing any of them will display the total usage - make a note.

Electricity Meter Manual Reading - Model ACLARA SGM 1311
I have a Economy 7 smart meter (I was advised that when it was installed) and taking readings from the electricity meter is as follows:

1. Press button A - "Total Import" screen is shown (basically the total usage to date)
2. Press buttons A+B together - "Date" screen will appear
3. Press button A - "Time" screen will appear
4. Press button A - "Total Export" screen will appear (zero value as I don't have solar panels)
5. Press button A - "Standing Charge" screen will appear
6. Press button A - "Current Active Price" will appear
7. Press button A - "TOU Rate 1" screen will appear - day rate usage - make a note of this
8. Press button A - "TOU Rate 2" screen will appear - night rate usage - make a note of this
9. No need to press any more buttons as "TOU Rate 3" to 8 will follow along  with "Mode of Operation" Credit Mode.

I hope this helps you and anyone else out there who is having s similar issue.

posted by JacquiD | 6 days ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned
Hello Everyone!
I am currently on month 7 of waiting for my electricity meter to be commissioned ,I have spent approx 12/16hours on the phone to Scottish power /provider (company that tried to instal meter) I have been told numerous reasons (lies) as to why it can't /hasn't been commissioned ranging from "it was providers fault", " the meter is second generation and your area didn't have a strong enough signal for it" ...I have had 4 appointments made then canceled the day before by provider.....and the last reason as of two weeks ago was that due to the amount of non commissioned meters I have to wait for a call from DCC to let me know what's happening.
I pay DD and paying estimated bills.
I'm a widowed single parent holding down two jobs and I'm terrified that when they finally get this mess sorted that I will end up with a bill I can't afford.
The stress that this has caused is too much for me to write on here.
I have gas and electricity with Scottish power ,I just don't know what to do.
I've called them so many times and they just don't care ,no body knows what to do!?
I would leave but can't as I will be in the same situation due to it not being commissioned.
If anyone has any advice it would be hugely appreciated.
Or whether to contact the energy Ombudsman as I think this is a disgusting way to treat valued customers?

posted by Davc | 6 days ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

@JacquiD    Terrible experience but the answer is very simple.   You must go to your meters and read them and send the readings to SP.  If the screens are blank press the meter buttons. If you are very lucky your home display may be showing the meter readings as well.    It is a common situation but easily sorted out.

posted by HorshamChris | 28 minutes ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

SP installed our gas and electricty smart meters on 4th June 2019. The installer couldn't commission them and left saying they would be back with a few days. To date nobody has contacted me. I have given up contacting SP as they just tell me lies. After the necessary 8 weeks I complained to the Ombudsman. He ruled in my favour and then SP appealed. They won by saying that they are not in control of when the meters will be commissioned. this is in the hands of thrid parties and government!!! What a complete waste of time and money. I too have a dual rate elelctricty account but my "smart" meter is only recording on one rate. SP and the Ombudsman assure me they will be able to extract accurate usuage by time when the meter is commissioned. Who do they think they are kidding? There is a big row coming but no end in sight as I have no other options available to me. I cannot even change suppliers as my meters are not commissioned and nobody wants to know. SP have deliberatley set out to install these meters knowing they will not be commissioned any time soon and have no doubt earned funding and government credits by doing so. As usual its the consumer who picks up the bill and stress. Can I get my old meters back? I'm told I cannot. Will I ever deal with SP again. Over my dead body.