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posted by Davc | 6 months ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

@mec  It sounds like your electric meter is sending readings but the gas meter is not coupled to it, they might be too far apart to communicate with each other. Neither of them depend on the IHD Display to send data, the display can be turned off if it is not useful within the house.  So now you have to send gas readings, it’s a common problem but a lot of people live with that situation. The electric meter does all the communication and both the display and the gas meter are coupled to it. 


posted by mikeparsons | 5 days ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

I have asked for/ordered a smart meter 3 times, but no-one ever showed up.

I have even called and asked why so they put me on the list for a meter to be fitted but nothing happened. 

I had assumed that there might be an issue with first and second-generation meters, but they said they only fitted 2nd gen. 

So it looks like this is all part of a general syndrome. 


posted by Davc | 5 days ago
Re: Waiting for Smart Meters to be Commisioned

@mikeparsons   Hi, read all the messages on this Community, there is a definite pattern, SP's installation and management of smart meters is not working well.  Wait until you have switched to a more reliable supplier before having smart meters put in, British Gas is recommended because they employ their own fitters and their IT system works quite well.