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Waiting nearly 4 years for a smart meter

posted by Banoff | A month ago

When I moved into my current property I applied for a smart meter having had one in the property before with SP. And I know we had Covid but I still haven't had any communication from SP . I apply every 3 months and nothing yet in my last place everything was done in a week. What does it take.


posted by DavC1 | A month ago
Re: Waiting nearly 4 years for a smart meter

@Banoff   It is unusual not to be offered a smart meter, usually energy companies spend a lot of time chasing after potential new installations.    You might be in an area not covered by SP contractors or in a mobile phone signal dead area.  Try British Gas EDF or Octopus for a better service. 

posted by jnm1 | A month ago
Re: Waiting nearly 4 years for a smart meter

Scottish Power cannot run a website properly so how you expect to run smart meters is just a joke .

Customer service is non existent you are directed to a live chat link which is hidden of course ,

If you can find the live chat link you will be directed to Gabriel Gnomes in a Mumbai call centre  !

Forget about a smart meter with SP  the in-house display does not work after 2 weeks if you call there help line after 2 hours you might be answered by somebody who has been sleeping on their desk and you are just a nuisance  . After telling you to disconnect meter for 48 hours and dance round  a full  moon naked it should work . I am 63 and expected me to enter UTRN number s of 20 numbers on ground level meters  you are having a