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Warm Home Discount Scheme

posted by Dee | 3 years ago

How do i apply for the warmer home discount scheme with scottish power?


posted by  Eilidh | 3 years ago
Re: Warm Home Discount Scheme

Hi @Dee, unfortunately applications for our warm home discount are now closed.  However, we expect the next round of applications to open in late summer of this year.  There are also a number of other schemes and organisations which can possibly support you with paying your bill.  You can find out more information by following this link to a page on our support centre  https://community.scottishpower.co.uk/t5/Help-paying-your-bill/tkb-p/commitment-to-our-customers

posted by 2CrazyLurchers | 3 years ago
Re: Warm Home Discount Scheme

Is this still being offered?   I got WHD for the past 3 years and then this year was told it was no longer available. to any Customer's.   Speaking to one of your reps regarding something else, I was told applications are now closed but will re-open Summer 2018.  Which is it?

I am currently in receipt of Care and Mobility DLA at the highest rates.

posted by Raeyan_Bailey | 3 years ago
Re: Warm Home Discount Scheme
I was sent a letter in January stating I was eligible for the warm home discount and was asked to send supporting evidence. I did this immediately and only this week i received a reply asking for more evidence which needs to be sent in by the 12th of February 2018. First of all that date does not exist and secondly I only received the letter this week. I have sent in the evidence yesterday but will I still get the rebate? I have tried to contact someone from the dedicated WHD team but noone has contacted me back.

posted by nosdnomde | 3 years ago
Re: Warm Home Discount Scheme

what about people who are not pension credited, or registerd disabled, nor claim any benifits for personal care.  Having worked for over the prescribe 44 years, and still paying tax,  where is the help?  expenditure on the home and vehicles, have increased tremendously, my pension has not kept up wirth those increases.

Seems a little unfair to me. what is anyone elses thought on this m,atter.

posted by Ernie_C | 3 years ago
Re: Warm Home Discount Scheme

That is unfortunately the welfare system in the UK today.

You will, however, get your bus pass and winter fuel payment of £200.....

.... but for how much longer.

In same position; sympathetic.

posted by Delnkids | 3 years ago
Re: Warm Home Discount Scheme
I applied last year, fitted several of the criteria and got nothing!
Would this be because Scottish power told me my existing scheme was coming to an end and I should start another or automatically go onto a dearer rate, which I did shortly before end of March?
I don’t work, have a disability myself, have an 18 year old who’s disabled at home who I’m a full time carer for and a younger child on free school meals, so well below financially, yet nothing?

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Warm Home Discount Scheme
Hi Delnkids, sorry to hear that, the internet has lots of advice about the Warm Home scheme, and you can also ask the Citizens Advice Bureau, and your council if you are in council housing. I am not an expert but I read that you apply through the DWP (Dept of Work and Pensions) and if you are awarded the grant the DWP inform SP. This is the link to SP's help page
Good luck

posted by Delnkids | 3 years ago
Re: Warm Home Discount Scheme
Government site states the following, so it was Scottish Power that decided I wasn’t eligible even though I fitted the criteria, so I’ll apply again this year and see if you allow me!
Copied from DWP site:
You may be able to apply directly to your electricity supplier for help if you don’t get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit but:

your energy supplier is part of the scheme
you’re on a low income
you get certain means-tested benefits
This is known as being in the ‘broader group’.

To get the discount you’ll need to stay with your supplier until it’s paid.

How to apply
Your electricity supplier decides who can get the discount - check with your supplier to see if you’re eligible and how to apply.

Check with your supplier as early as possible. The number of discounts suppliers can give are limited.

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Warm Home Discount Scheme

Hi Delnkids, thanks for replying, your message makes the system easier to understand. It seems the 'discretional' discaount from energy suppliers is in short supply so it is a bit of a lottery whether you get it or not. By applying early you are standing a better chance.