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Web site not showing smart meter Gas usage

posted by Malcolm | 3 years ago

On the web site https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/my-account/energyusage.process?execution=e4s3 I get graphs for electricty usage, but can't see them for gas usage, How to I get that ?


posted by Wotto | 3 years ago
Re: Web site not showing smart meter Gas usage

I had the same problem. It turns out that Inhave to wait for second generation meters I.e they have installed a meter that won't work on my house - the signal from the gas meter won't reach the base unit from where it is sent to Scottish Power.



posted by deaffy | 3 years ago
Re: Web site not showing smart meter Gas usage

please be aware smart meters are causing more problems than the previous meters, for a start a charge of 26 pence  at midnight for each utillity you use, and also check that there are no previous readings on your smart meter as they will be added to your bill as i found out. they wont come out to check and ask thatyou send photos to an e- mail that does not exist as we have tried a few times. yes you are asked to do all the work for them. the consumption graph problem has not been availble for 6 weeks now but they are working hard to fix this so it says online. last but not least you will still get an estimated bill. 

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Web site not showing smart meter Gas usage

I suppose that these comments all apply to the IHD. The meter itself will report consumption to SP who will then apply whatever tariff terms you have signed up for.

The IHD is for your own convenience and it does not 'charge' any money to your account. It just gives you an idea how much power you are using. If you prefer you can turn off the IHD.

Looking at the Youtube instructions for the IHD it seems quite complex to set the right terms for your tariff. It might have been set by the installer with the wrong  charges, but as I said the IHD does not charge anything so it does not matter how it is set. It is just for your convenience.

A lot of people seem to think that the IHD is the Smart Meter - it isn't.