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When are the night and day rates?

posted by RobP | 3 weeks ago

I'm on the beat Cancer Jan 2020 plan, I can't find anywhere that gives the specific times of the day and night rates? I have a plug in electric hybrid car, which has a timer for overnight charging, so the times would be very helpful.

Thanks Rob.


posted by Davc | 3 weeks ago
Re: When are the night and day rates?

It is complicated



posted by toneman | A week ago
Re: When are the night and day rates?

I want to make more use of my cheaper night rate and now I have had a smart meter installed, I saw that it changed from Day rate to Night rate at exactly 00:30 but do not know when it changes back to dayrate but I assume it is 8 1./2 hrs later ? 

Can it be altered at all to come on a little earlier so I can run the dishwahser on night rate.

Also I cannot see my online meter readings now I have had the smart meter fitted three weeks ago, when does it transmit the actual readings ?


posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: When are the night and day rates?

Hi Toneman, see my reply to your other post, You cannot change the start time for night rate power. 

Your on line account will show usage, but I don’t know if your IHD home monitor is capable of displaying two rates, it might only record the total electricity and at a single rate. Please let us know your experiences. 

posted by RobP | A week ago
Re: When are the night and day rates?
I wouldn't take for granted that the cheat rate lasts eight and a half hours, in fact I would say it's probably more like 7. It's only now I've looked in to this a little, I've found Scottish Powers approach to the cheaper night time rate can only be described as dishonest, to the extent I am going to contact the ombudsmen. They have not published anywhere as far as i can find the night rates, or hours that I can find? I can't find a phone number to ask anyone directly and when you ask the question on here, you get a reply from Davec, which I can only assume is an employee? stating it's complicated with a link to a file, which doesn't tell you the answer to your question. I won't be using Scottish Power after this deal ends, unless something changes.

posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: When are the night and day rates?

Hi Robp. The link I gave does give the times of E7 cheap rates but you have to scroll down and read all of it. As the name implies it lasts 7 hours although the starting times vary across the country. I don’t work for SP , no need to go to ombudsman because the information is all there you just have to be patient and read it.  

This forum interests me because I can help and I am amazed how little people know about their biggest household expense. Fuel used to be cheap and you could ignore it, but those days are gone and bills run into several thousand a year. 


posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: When are the night and day rates?

Robp, as for the costs you can look it up on the website if you enter your details and say you have a two rate meter system. Very roughly the night rate is about 10 p a unit while the day rate is about 15 pence, but this varies a lot and you have to check for your area and your tariff. 

As I said the information is all there but you have to dig it out, no appeal to Ofgem or ombudsman is going to work because they will say you have not looked at your tariff terms. 

posted by toneman | A week ago
Re: When are the night and day rates?

thank you for replying.

The IHD is capable of displaying both rates but only when that rate is being "used" So the Day rate (Rate 1) is showing at the moment at 14.67p per kWh and after 00:30 it changed to Night rate (Rate 2) at 8.17p per kWh. The Standing day rate is correct and the Gas rate is correct. Although I still have not been able to witness the Night rate change to Day rate I believe everything in the home is working as expected. It will only show the cumulative reading of Day and Night on the IHD and that is the same reading as the meter.

However, when I go online and go to the page "send me your reading" then the Gas reading is correct but the Day Rate was showing 23 kWh ( instead of 245 kWh actual) and the Night rate was showing 0 kWh (instead of 42 kWh actual )

So I have entered the actual readings from my meter and will monitor how they change and call SP if necessary.

Do you know how often the readings are transmitted from the house to SP ? Daily, monthly ??

posted by toneman | A week ago
Re: When are the night and day rates?

Just an update. After manually entering the actual readings from my meter, after 10 mins I logged in again and they had reverted back to the incorrect readings !!!

So I think I will call them.

posted by RobP | 6 days ago
Re: When are the night and day rates?
Thanks Davc,
I agree about the energy costs being one of our larger bills, because of that I think suppliers should be forced to display costs and timings as prominantely as their other advertising.