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posted by drgl | 11 months ago
Re: Why is my smart meter electric only? (New build)
Well that's a load of lies! Most houses have an earth bond to the gas pipe even though they are not required (plastic supply pipe). The bond should be on the pipe prior to or just after the meter. At least you got a reply. Still waiting here. In the mean time British Gas (my old supplier) have taken £300 out of my account. It seems all energy suppliers sre useless.

posted by Nick50 | 10 months ago
Lack of Smart meter

Good afternoon all.

How disappointed am I? Booked afternoon off work, an engineer arrived, was told he could only do the electric and not the gas,  he fitted the electric connection. I then waited another hour to be told that I couldn't have one at all!!

Have been speaking to customer services for the past 2 months for them to get it sorted, with no luck at all. All they have been saying is that the company will be in touch to arrange a time to fit the smart meter. They then have the cheek to send mails about me having to submit readings!!

Another month has passed and I have got no further with the fitting company or Scottish Power. 

This has to be the worst experience I have ever had with a utility company, they weren't the cheapest but they promised so much!!!

I will give it till the end of next week and then I will be searching for another supplier!!! 

I will also be warning other possible customers of the poor standards of service they will be getting!!

From a very angry customer about the whole situation......


posted by Labman | 10 months ago
Re: Lack of Smart meter
Well I've been toying with installing a smart meter and as we've just installed a new central heating boiler this has put me right off ....

posted by Stu7120 | 10 months ago
Re: Why is my smart meter electric only? (New build)

We it seems nobody has got a gas reading. Scottish Power is useless so Im changing my supplier and I suggest you all do the same!!!!


posted by Sheff | 10 months ago
Re: Why is my smart meter electric only? (New build)

My smart meter has never worked since it was installed either

Scottish Power helpdesk is non-existent.

We are still waiting on  ar refund for being double charged for maintenance AFTER we stopped it !

Complaint handing is also non existent

I only stay with SP because they handle my solar power input. There is no easy way to transfer this to another provider.


posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Why is my smart meter electric only? (New build)

@Sheff   Hi, Did you say SP have your Feed in Tariff account? If so it is separate to your energy account and if you switch supplier the FIT would stay with SP. All FIT tariffs are set by Ofgem and there is no benefit in switching them so there is no machanism for doing so. Go ahead and find a new supplier for your fuel.


posted by greasborough | 8 months ago
Re: Why is my smart meter electric only? (New build)
Like all these customers I am still waiting for my "SMART " meter installation to be completed. (not new build).Try ringing any part of S.P and you get a wait (last time to speak to a human voice eventually after 45 mins) and you will run out of patience. If you do get someone on the end of the phone the answer to every query is "I shall have to check that and I will get back to you" I feel sorry for these poor employees who have to read from a card what to tell the customer . These are all delaying tactics, pushing you back on the round=about of trying to get an answer --ANY answer and it's so frustrating. 13 weeks and waiting.

posted by greasborough | 6 months ago
Re: Why is my smart meter electric only? (New build)
Another one here waiting six months and not connected yet to the GAS. I Can get a reading for the ELECTRICITY. but no signs of anything moving on the SP front. They have closed down for Christmas and are running the holiday into Easter.! If only you could get a voice on the phone instead of pressing a lot of unnecessary buttons that don't give the right answer anyway.


posted by Pav | 5 months ago
Re: Why is my smart meter electric only? (New build)
My new smart meter installation isn't showing a gas readout on my readout
Asked engineer why not his reply was it could take 24 hours to settle down
Contacted SP and the eventual answer after several attempts for SP to tell me the meter s are to far apart
( Told about 4 meters is to far.the technical specifications says 18 meters)
Now say it's a software issue
They shouldn't be fitting this system if it doesn't work

posted by Davc | 5 months ago
Re: Why is my smart meter electric only? (New build)

@Pav   It is a common problem. It depends on location as well as distance, for example if the gas meter is outside and the electric meter inside the house.

The most important meter to have working is the electricity, this will one day give you cheap off-peak power. Gas is not likely to benefit from those tariff changes, you either need to keep warm or not.

The nuisance is you still have to read your gas meter and send in readings, but you can do that just a few times a year so it is not a great chore. Good times to send readings are the end of the winter and the start of the winter. Gas consumption in Spring and summer is usually quite low.  About 4 times a year would be good.