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dynamically switched smart meters

posted by ScottishJohn | A year ago


Currently I am on ComfortPlus WhiteMeter and have a Horstmann Radio Telemeter Series K.  It's actually a pretty good system as the storage heaters and water heating are switched on automatically at exactly the times that off-peak electricity is available.  

However times have moved on and smart meters are on their way which will be much better than estimated billing.  My question is:  Are Scottish Power going to provide smart meters which are capable of switching the off-peak loads as currently happens?  Or better still, will the smart meters be dynamically switched so as to provide off-peak electrcity at multiple points throughout the day.  This would be better both for the consumer (if the hot water and storage heaters were boosted during the day) and also for grid (smoothing the generation of renewable energy).



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posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: dynamically switched smart meters

Hi John, I have not seen any plans to replace your type of meter, maybe one of the moderators from SP can answer your question.  When smart meters are running fully they will be able to charge variable rates according to time slots, so maybe this is the way your account will be run in future? I don't know.