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smart meter installation cancelled

posted by Carlielouisepor | A year ago

absolutely fuming today, my other half has taken a days holiday to be at home for Smart Meter Installation (booked 12-4) the Amey engineer arrived at 3pm, noticed it was raining and said that he couldnt fit the meter as our current ones are outside, and left.  Surely knowing that it is raining it would have been sensible to check before arriving wether the meter could be fitted? a quick call to ask where our meters were based? why are appointments being booked for something like this in the Spring when in the UK its raining at least 50% of the time.  

nowhere on any confirmation of appointment or videos sent to us or the website did it state this would be a problem, Now the engineer has left without sorting our meter, or booking a new appointment, I live in Leeds and its expected to be raining here for at least the next few weeks and i have already waited over 2 months for this appointment to be available. 

how do I go about arranging some form of compensation for the missed hours and booking a new appointment, will I now have to wait until June to get another email with limited availability to then have to book more time off work?



posted by edv | A year ago
Re: smart meter installation cancelled

Totally f**king hopeless.

Scottish Power cancelled my 95 year old father's smart meter appt yesterday, at 330, ie half an hour before the window closed.


this was the THIRD time.


Cancelling the account TODAY


posted by fuzileer | 5 months ago
Re: smart meter installation cancelled

Bemused by the whole Smart Meter process!

First I was told to book an appointment (no option to decline), then found that the booking system offered only one day in October-November - which I nonetheless accepted.  Then received confirmation of the date.

Now I've received a cancellation email with no explanation at all as to why, and the system says installation is just not available in my area.  Bizarre - the installation probelms for SMET2 were apparentmy in the North and I'm in Surrey.  Bizarre...


posted by LothianLass3 | 4 months ago
Re: smart meter installation cancelled

After being bombarded with emails about long standing Smart meter installation ACTAVO cancelled day before. A day off work for this, arranged at a busy time of year and they cancel this late on. Wish I'd never switched


posted by Sarahphilipson | 4 months ago
Re: smart meter installation cancelled
Absolutely fed up to the back teeth with emails, texts and phone calls to remind me about the appointment made to fit the smart meter!

posted by dermot | 4 months ago
Re: smart meter installation cancelled
I am trying to cancel an appointment now
And cannot find a humanly possible way to do so

posted by whiteowl | 4 months ago
Re: smart meter installation cancelled

Try at 8am did this and canceled mine within a few minutes .Good luck


posted by Tattyteddy1 | 3 months ago
Re: smart meter installation cancelled

Get bombarded with phone calls, texts to confirm your appointment, then less than 48 hours before they are due to come, they cancel the appointment.

Had to take holiday and i booked this a month ago only to try and book it again for a months time and needing to book another days holiday.

Not amused