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smart meters running faster

posted by maddy29 | 2 years ago

I am puzzled that since I had the smart meters fitted my average household energy consumption is coming to 3x more compared to before smart meters. It used to hover around £0.55/day and now it is  £2.00.  our daily appliance use is more or less same, I am totally confused what could make it go up so dramatically.  has anyone else noted the same behaviour? I will consider going back to my previous meters if it continues like this - will I be allowed?

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posted by  Eilidh | 2 years ago
Re: smart meters running faster

Hi @maddy29, We have checked our records and these show we are now receiving your smart data, since your installation on 12th January. In the short time your meters were being updated, your displayed usage of £0.55p per day would have been your combined daily service charge, as you current tariff is set to £0.26p per day for each fuel. Now that your meters are communicating the monetary difference will be your gas and electricity usage.