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smartmeter reading

posted by patrichurch | 3 weeks ago

Does anyone know why I am being asked for a meter reading when I have a smartmeter?


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posted by Davc | 3 weeks ago
Re: smartmeter reading

@patrichurch    Could be a lot of reasons.

send in the readings and hope your system is transmitting correctly, maybe the engineers did not set it up right, maybe you moved from another supplier??

posted by shotgun | 3 weeks ago
Re: smartmeter reading
I had a dumb meter fitted 3 years ago waste of time, load of rubbish the app is even worse, am changing supplier just to get away from the dumb meter

posted by Yok | 2 weeks ago
Re: smartmeter reading
I had a smart meter fitted with ovo. Switched to Scottish power believing they would use the same meter ... now they are asking for meter readings. The meter is blank as are the meters! What do I do?

posted by Davc | 2 weeks ago
Re: smartmeter reading

@Yok   The smart function probably will not work unless your Ovo meter was a Smets2 type. To read your meter,( not the hand held gadget)  press it’s button to turn on the display, if it has a number pad press 9. 

posted by WildeyMoo | A week ago
Re: smartmeter reading
Hi, I am the same. I have a smart meter as suggested by my last energy supplier and now it seems Scottish Power do not have smart meter technology. I am wondering whether to switch back?
My meter is unfortunately in a place that none of us can go in anymore, death in there. So the smart meter was a good solution. I fear we will not get an accurate reading due to not being able.
Do I switch back to Eon?

posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: smartmeter reading

@WildeyMoo    Eon smart meters may not work with SP, but SP definitely do have smart technology and will be able to read your meter later in 2020.  Meanwhile your Eon Display unit will continue to show the meter readings without you going to the actual meter.  Send in the manual readings to SP until they are able to read your smart meter remotely.

posted by JoeM32 | A week ago
Re: smartmeter reading

Can someone help please.

I have just moved over from Eon to Scottish Power and regretting it!  I had a smart meter with Eon, dual fuel.  This only gives one reading for electric and one reading for gas.  However Scottish Power is asking on its website for a 2 line meter reading for electric and 1 for gas.  I cannot enter a second line as do not have this.  

I have tried the service centre telephone number every night this week and cannot get through, even after a call back option I'm still holding on the line for over 1 hour and no answer.  I have also tried the webchat, and that's currently on 45mins without a reply....

I now want to cancel Scottish Power and move back to Eon due to the service of simply trying to supply the opening readings!  Does anyone know how I can cancell within the 14days without having to stay on the phone all day?



posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: smartmeter reading

@JoeM32   The first meter readings for a new account have to go in through customer services 0800 027 0072.

After that if you still have two boxes to fill for electricity put the reading in box 1 and fill box 2 with zeros.

You can call off a transfer because there is a cooling off period, but Im not sure what the rules are.

posted by JoeM32 | A week ago
Re: smartmeter reading
Thanks Davc - but the problem I'm having is that I cannot get through on that number, even after all back - I've sat on the phone the last 3 nights for over 40mins each time and never get to the end of the que. And no replies from their chat service either...it's really poor customer service - appears they do not have enough staff manning the lines.