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posted by Davc | 4 years ago

I am a regular user of the TalkEnergy forum (and its predecessor) and I have just discovered the Community pages which seem to serve the same purpose. The link from TalkEnergy to Community did not work correctly, but now having found it and quickly looked at Community, I think that TalkEnergy is the more useful. 

It is confusing to have two very similar services running at the same time - what did SP think when they launched both?

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posted by  Eilidh | 4 years ago
Re: Community

Hi @Davc, thanks for visiting our Community! The Community is a place where we hope members will seek answers to questions they have and other members of the Community, along with business experts can help them find the answers they need. On top of this we hope that the Community provides members with a platform to discuss any topics of interest they may have relating to energy such as electric vehicles, renewable energy and smart home technology. Our Community is just over a month old so we would appreciate any feedback you have that you feel will help improve members experience!