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FAQ - Likes and Accepted Solutions

posted by  Mike | A year ago

Here on the ScottishPower Community we have two useful community features, likes and accepted solutions.  Please read the following FAQ below to learn more about these features, and how to make use of them yourself!

Likes -
Q. What are likes?
A. Likes are simply a community feature that allows you to show praise and/or appreciation for a post. 

Q. How do I give a like?
A. If you feel a post has helped you out in any way and you simply want to show appreciation for it, or you've come across a great post that you feel deserves some praise, simply click on the Like SP6.png button located at the bottom left of that particular post.  It's a great way to thank the member who helped you!


Accepted Solutions -
Q. What are accepted solutions?
A. Accepted solutions are posts that have provided the top answer for the original poster's query/issue.

Q. How do I mark a post as a solution?
A. If you've created your own topic, you'll notice the SP7.png button on the bottom right of each reply that you get.   Simply click that button on the reply that helped solve your issue to mark it as a solution.  You can only mark one post as a solution per topic.

Q. Who can mark the solution?
Only the topic creator can mark a reply as a solution in their own topic.

Q. Why should I mark the solution?
A. Marking the post that solved your issue as a solution will assist other future members who may stumble across your topic to find the answer they are looking for quicker, since it will be displayed right underneath the very first post in that topic with the following text: SP9.png

Q. How do I spot topics that have a solution already?
A. When browsing the community, you might have noticed some topics have a SP8.png next to them.  This means that a post within the topic has been marked as an accepted solution.