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FAQ - Your Community Profile

posted by  Mike | A year ago

Q. How do I find my community profile page?
A. Simply click the Community tab at the top of the screen, and then click Profile.

SP - Community.png




Q. How do I change my user settings for the community?

A. Simply click on the following URL to be taken to your user settings page: [Click here]

Q. What can I do on my profile page?
A. You can view your own private community statistics, such as how many posts you've created, how long you've spent online on the community, and many more. 

Q. How do I view my post history?
A. If you've made any posts, they'll show up under the Topics tab on your profile page.
















Q. Badge collection?  What exactly are badges for?
A. Badges are automatically awarded for achieving various community milestones, such as creating your first post, or receiving kudos from another member!  To view the entire list of badges you can earn, click on View All under the Badges section. (Bonus tip: Clicking on a badge will reveal a hidden message!)

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