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Top Tips on How to Get Started

posted by  Mike | A year ago

Welcome to the ScottishPower Community!  Here's some top tips to help you get started.

Tip #1:  First let’s get your profile fully set up.  Check out our FAQ [here] for further details on how to do this. 

Tip #2:  We have four forum boards on the community: Welcome; My Energy; Smarter Energy and PowerUp

  • The Welcome board is where we will post guides (like this one) on how best to use the community and get the most from it. 
  • The My Energy board is where we hope members share advice on best practice for managing their energy accounts. 
  • Smarter Energy is not only for chat on smart meters, we want to share energy efficiency advice, discuss the latest smart home technology and renewable energy generation.
  • The PowerUp board is for discussion and questions surrounding our PowerUp product and how it turns the traditional way of paying for gas and electricity on it’s head.

Tip #3:  If you’re looking for an answer to a specific question, we’d recommend trying the search function within the community first before posting your question on one of the forum boards.

The Search bar in all its glory, located at the top of the page - you can't miss it!The Search bar in all its glory, located at the top of the page - you can't miss it!


Tip #4:  If the answer you’re looking for isn’t there, then it's time to create a new topic! 

  • Firstly, have a think of what board your question is best placed based on the summary of each of the boards above.
  • Navigate to the board you wish to post in, and click Start a Topic
  • Ask your question in the text box provided, and click Post.
  • Simply wait for other fellow users to respond to your question!
  • Always remember: Please don’t share any of your personal information though such as account number or contact details. 

Tip #5:
  Once a fellow member has responded to your question and provides you with the information you were looking for, thank them for their help by liking their response and marking it as an accepted solution. Click [here] to find out more about likes and accepted solutions.

Tip #6:  Finally, be sure to check out our Community Guidelines!