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Providing Meter Readings

How to enter your meter readings:

Get the YourEnergy App

Our YourEnergy App makes it easy to give us your readings. It’s simple to use, and because you can use the YourEnergy App on your mobile device when taking the meter reading, it’s convenient too.

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Need help reading your meters?

Take a look at our meter reading video guides.

Video guides

Pay As You Go Customer?

There’s no need to provide regular meter readings if you have prepayment meter. Your meter readings are sent automatically to us from your payment key/card each time you top up. 

If you’re having trouble topping up your PP meter online or via the app? You can top up by visiting a Payzone or Post Office

Need help reading your prepayment meter? Click here for more information.

What happens if I don’t provide meter readings?

We can only provide you with an accurate bill if we have up to date meter readings. If we have to estimate your bills, there is a risk you will build up either a credit (you’re paying too much) or a debt (you’re not paying enough). If we don’t receive actual meter reads from you and if our meter readers are unable to access your property to obtain an actual meter, then we may still send you a bill for energy consumed more than 12 months prior to the bill. This is in line with your terms and conditions (Section 8.8). Please provide up to date meter readings as soon as possible.

Updated by spower | 11 Apr 22

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